Dr. Edith Guffey

Edith Guffey has been the Conference Minister of the Kansas-Oklahoma Conference since February 2013.

Edith has always called the Kansas-Oklahoma Conference home as she first learned about the UCC while living in Lawrence, KS as a member of Plymouth UCC working at the University of Kansas. Edith left Lawrence and moved to Cleveland to serve on the national staff as the Secretary of the United Church of Christ in 1991. Following the restructuring of the national setting, Edith became the Associate General Minister. In that role, she was the Chief Operating Officer of the denomination and the Administrator of the General Synod.

When her term ended in October of 2011, Edith served as Acting Associate Conference in the Pennsylvania Southeast Conference for a year. Edith says that she feels as if she has come full circle with her church membership back at Plymouth Church in Lawrence and serving as an Authorized Minister in Kansas-Oklahoma.

Edith enjoys live theatre, movies, reading, and cruising. She is married to Jerry and they have two adult children, (both born in Kansas) Bryan 33 who lives in Columbus, Ohio and Michael 26 who lives in Los Angeles, CA. In case you wondered, Edith and Jerry are KU fans. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!