Annual Meeting Recordings

Here you will find the recordings of our workshops and plenary sessions.

You can also watch the recorded morning prayer sessions on our Facebook page by clicking here.

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  • Opening Plenary with Featured Speaker & Storyteller Rev. Rebecca Anderson

  • Building Your Storytelling Mojo

    With Rev. Rebecca Anderson

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  • Featured Speaker Ms. Sarah Adams-Cornell; Sarah co-created an inter-tribal, empowerment organization called Matriarch that serves indigenous women in central and NE Oklahoma. Sarah is the President of the Board of Directors for the ACLU of Oklahoma. She also serves on the Board of Directors for Live Indigenous OK and worked alongside other Native advocates to see Indigenous Peoples’ Day recognized in OKC.

    In her presentation, Sarah spoke about the harm of the Doctrine of Discovery. In this resource, find a biblical reflection and repudiation of this doctrine written by the United Church of Christ.

  • Black Lives Matter Crosses The Ocean

    With Rev. Eleanor McCormick

    What does 'Black Lives Matter' mean for our church partnership? How does this affect our work together and what resources we share? How do we become, through and in partnership, an anti-racist Church?

  • Inclusivity Matters: Open and Affirming Communities Save Lives

    What is the “the state of ONA” in the UCC and why is this such a difficult conversation in some places; especially in rural areas? How important is it to have clearly inclusive spaces and do we know the real impact inclusive spaces actually have?

  • Sacred Resistance

    What does “putting our faith into action” look like in states like Kansas and Oklahoma? We often think of activities like voting or volunteering, but at the state level, direct advocacy can have a stronger impact than you might imagine. This workshop will focus on elements of advocacy in Kansas, many of the processes and specific issues are common to both states. Led by Rabbi Moti Rieber and co-facilitated by Rev. Rachael Pryor (KIFA Board Chair and UCC pastor in Kansas)

  • The Rev. Julian DeShazier, named by the Center for American Progress as one of “10 Faith Leaders to Watch” in 2018, brought the KO Annual Meeting a powerful message about the cultural languages we all speak, and how we need to become "bilingual" if we're going to connect with others in the church and beyond.

  • Congregational Connection Resource Sheet

    COVID-19 brought online worship to almost all of our congregations, ready or not! Online worship no longer seems unattainable, and while worship is central to the life of all congregations, worship isn’t the ONLY thing that holds congregations together. There are many other ways that congregations typically “connect” that have in the past revolved around gathering in the building. How are congregations keeping connected and continuing to build and nurture that sense of community in the virtual world? What have we learned that we may want to continue once COVID-19 isn’t the dictator of what we can and can’t do? Hear how two congregations are keeping their members connected virtually; what ideas do you have to share?

    Led by Dr. Liz Smith and Rev. David Wheeler

  • It's celebration night! We gathered to celebrate church anniversaries within our Conference, clergy ordinations, new and retiring ministers, AND we had an incredible evening of storytelling from 8 talented (and brave!) friends. Check it out!

  • Annual Meeting concluded with our business session and a powerful keynote by Brian Bond, Executive Director of PFLAG.