Annual Meeting Schedule

Download a PDF copy of the agenda.

  • Monday

    7:30-7:50 AM Morning Prayers; led by Rev. Lori Walke

    7:00-8:30 PM Opening Plenary

    •          Gathering Music
    •          Call to Order
    •          Opening Prayer
    •          Adoption of the Agenda
    •          Special Speaker: Rev. Rebecca Anderson
  • Tuesday

    7:30-7:50   AM Morning Prayers; Led by Rev. Richard Mize

    12:00-1:30 PM Workshop

    Building Your Storytelling MOJO with Rebecca Anderson

    7:00-8:30 PM; Plenary

    •          Call to Order
    •          Introduction of Speaker
    •          Special Speaker; Sarah Adams-Cornell
    •          Closing Prayer
  • wednesday

    7:30-7:50   AM Morning Prayers; Led by German Partners

    12:00-1:00 PM Plenary

    •         Call to Order
    •         Black Lives Matters Crosses the Ocean: Led by Rev. Eleanor McCormick
    •         Closing Prayer
  • Thursday

    7:30-7:50 AM Morning Prayers; Led by Rev. Kayla Bonewell


    10:00 AM Workshop

    Inclusivity Matters: Open and Affirming Communities Save Lives; Brian Bond, PFLAG; Andy Lang, ONA Coalition; Michael Vollbrecht, KO Pastor

    12:00-1:30 PM Workshop

    Sacred Resistance; Rabbi Moti Rieber, Executive Director, Kansas Interfaith Action, and Rev. Rachael Pryor, KIFA Board Chair


    7:00-8:30 PM Plenary

    •          Call to Order
    •          Greetings from Phillips Theological Seminary
    •       Introduction of Speaker
    •          Special Speaker; Rev. Julian DeShaziar
    •          Closing Prayer
  • Friday

    7:30-7:50 AM Morning Prayers; Led by Rev. Michael Vollbrecht


    12 PM Workshop

    Keeping Connected During COVID-19 Beyond Worship;


    7:00-8:30 PM Evening Celebration

    •          Opening Prayer
    •          Introduction of Pastors New to KO
    •      Thank you to Retiring Pastors
    •          Celebration of Church Anniversaries
    •          Celebration of Ordination Anniversaries/See Them Then and Now
    •          Video Greetings from United Church Funds
    •          Sharing of Stories with Rev. Rebecca Anderson
    •          Closing Prayers
  • Saturday

    9:00 AM Business Meeting *Delegates Required to Attend*

    Call to Order, Bobbie Henderson, Conference President

    Morning Prayers led by Rev. Andrew Warner


    •          Adoption of Rules of Procedure
    •          Declaration of Quorum
    •          Approval of 2019 Minutes of Annual Meeting
    •          Report of the Treasurer and Presentation of the Proposed 2021 Budget
    •      Election of New Conference Leadership
    •          President’s Report
    •          Report of the Conference Minister
    •      Motion to Adjourn (annual meeting adjourns at the close of annual meeting virtual worship on Sunday)

    • 10:30 Keynote Presentation
    • Brian Bond; Executive Director, PFLAG
  • Sunday

    Kansas-Oklahoma Conference Gathers for Worship. The Preacher for Sunday worship is the Reverend Julian DeShazier. 

    Annual Meeting Worship will be on the Conference YouTube Channel and will be provided to each local pastor for use on Sunday morning.